Tony vs. the World

Tony vs. the World is a game developed by a group of students of the Mediacollege Amsterdam as their graduation project.

Tony vs. the World was designed and developed in a time span of around two months using the Phaser framework. The assignment was to create a HTML5 game that could theoretically be implemented into Facebook Instant.

Cerys Hancock, Lead
Bart Willemsen
Gerben van de Bosch
Lotte Hageman
Luuc Veenker

Menno Jongejan, Lead
Koen van der Velden
Daan Ruiter

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How to play

In Tony vs. the world, your goal is to reach an as high as possible score by climbing as high as you can. All while dodging lasers and UFO's and not falling below the screens bottom edge.

Tap and hold on the keypoints to attach a rope between the player and the keypoint. Use these ropes to fling yourself upwards.

Collect powerups to deflect enemies, collect more coins or boost your way through the level with a jetpack!

Use coins to purchase skins for Tony or upgrade the duration of your powerups. You can also watch an 'ad' each day to receive some extra coins. These ads are not really but only serve the purpose of selling this project as a proof of concept.

We hope you enjoy the game and share it with your friends, have fun!